'Tangens (Elithora Remix)' out now.

In 2002, I was set to release a techno remix B-side titled ‘Tangens’ alongside my 12” vinyl release of ‘Sinus’. However, the journey of ‘Tangens’ took an unexpected turn. Instead of being a companion piece to ‘Sinus’, it emerged as a standalone track on the tech-house label Q-Records. This release was highlighted by an ace remix by Homerun.

The original plan for ‘Tangens’ included a different remix, one crafted by my friend Elithora, known as ‘Tangens (Elithora Remix)’. I envisioned this remix to grace the B-side of the new release. Yet, this version faced rejection from both the original label and Q-Records, leading to its exclusion from any official release. This decision relegated the Elithora Remix to the sidelines, unseen by the public eye.

Despite its absence from the official discography, the Elithora Remix found a second life in my live performances. It became a staple in my techno live sets, resonating with audiences even without a formal release.

Now, in 2024, the story of ‘Tangens (Elithora Remix)’ comes full circle. I’ve had the track remastered and released, finally sharing this hidden gem with the world. Supposedly, now available on all streaming services.

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