'Farewell' Remastered

In early 2001, a track titled ‘The Place Behind It 2001’ emerged as a reimagined version of my 1997 tune, ‘The Place Behind It.’ Following an unforeseen loss of the original master in a hard drive crash, this piece was…

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'Tangens (Elithora Remix)' out now.

In 2002, I was set to release a techno remix B-side titled ‘Tangens’ alongside my 12” vinyl release of ‘Sinus’. However, the journey of ‘Tangens’ took an unexpected turn. Instead of being a companion piece to ‘Sinus’, it emerged as…

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'unnamed' also got a Tracker Video

I’ve just published the last video in my current batch, showcasing some of my OctaMED tracker-made songs. With all existing tracks now having their dedicated videos, any future OctaMED videos will depend on me remastering and reworking more of my…

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'The Snabelnaut with the Green Pants' Tracker Video

Yet another new OctaMED tracker video is now available on YouTube, this time showcasing my 1998 tune, ‘The Snabelnaut with the Green Pants.’ Eagle-eyed viewers might notice a few discrepancies between the tracker data and the audio. These differences were…

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'Helt' Remastered

The 2020 Psilodump EP ‘Helt’ has been remastered in 24-bit by Sage Audio. Now available on all major digital music services and streaming platforms.

'Toothpaste' Tracker Video

A new OctaMED tracker video is now available on YouTube, showcasing my 1998 tune 'Toothpaste'. Unfortunately, creating this video made me realize a few elements I overlooked in the track's ending during the mixing of this remastered version. This oversight…

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'Apocryphal Somnambulist' Tracker Video

The OctaMED video for 'Don't You Just Love Drums' turned out to be quite snazzy, so I've created another one for my 1998 tune, 'Apocryphal Somnambulist'. I hope this approach doesn't get old in the long run. How the sausage…

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'Don't You Just Love Drums' Tracker Video?

Here's an additional fun idea to slightly spice up the release of my older material: I've uploaded a video to YouTube showcasing the tracker visuals from OctaMED Soundstudio, featuring my 1998 tune, 'Don't You Just Love Drums.' For those unfamiliar…

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