476 Digital

Welcome to 476 Digital, the home base of Psilodump and a testament to stubborn independence in the music world. Founded because sometimes being difficult is the only way to be free, this label is our haven for unfiltered creativity—where genre rules are suggestions, and "normal" is a setting on the washing machine. Psilodump, known for his insistence on creative control, occasional ego trips, and a combative approach to artistic compromise, decided it was easier to start his own label than to argue with others about how weird or wonderful his music should be. Here at 476 Digital, we celebrate the stubbornly independent, the frustratingly unique, and the brilliantly eccentric. Join us on this journey where every release is an adventure in sound, dictated by no one but Psilodump himself.

Please refrain from sending demos or advertisements for releases, as we will not listen, review, or acknowledge them.